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Disability Insurance Policy Tracking System

Policy Tracking System

As an insurance agent, we'd like to tell you about the features you are able to access on DisabilityQuotes.com for the disability insurance policies you write through our agency. Once you are doing business with us, and are logged-in with your dedicated ID and password, you will have access to every policy's up-to-the-minute status in underwriting. You can also use our policies section to manage your in-force block of business.

Underwriting Tracking

When you are logged-in to DisabilityQuotes.com, you will be able to see each and every case that is currently in underwriting. Each and every detail is available to you 24/7. You will clearly be able to see what outstanding requirements are still needed to obtain a decision from the underwriter, as well as all of the information about your client obtained from the application.

Policy Information Capabilities

Your policy information database can be used to report on your business anyway you would like. We believe our system is the most advanced database an agent can use to manage one's in-force block of disability insurance business. This is not a Guardian owned system, it is owned and managed by our agency, and as such we have built it to help our agents write more business with automated systems.

Automated Future Increase Option E-mails
Our system will automatically send you, or if you wish your client, an e-mail when the policy anniversary is coming up so that you can use any future increase options available on the policy.

Exclusion Rider Removal System
If your client has an exclusion rider, or an extra rating on their policy that is reviewable after a certain length of time, our system will automatically notify you when that time frame has passed so that you know you can try to get the exclusion or extra rating removed.

Graded to Level Automated E-mails
If you sold your client a graded premium schedule policy, you can set a notice to remind yourself when to try to convert it to a level premium.

For Agent/Broker Use Only - Not For Distribution To The General Public


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